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Homework is shared in several different ways:
1. If it says Parent Square, check the Parent Square app.
2. If the subject is underlined, click the link.
3. If there is an Instagram username, follow with the Instagram app.
4. If it says Google Classroom, only students have access.

Mrs. Baldwin
Physical Education 7/8

Mr. Brickey
Physical Science 8 - see Parent Square

Mr. Cleveland
Physical Science 8, Garden, Health 7 - no homework

Mrs. Cutler
U.S. History 8  - see Parent Square

Ms. Del Carmen
English 7, Project Apple - students check Google Classroom

Mrs. Ebner
Skills 7, Reading 7/8, Math Skills 7, Math Skills 8, Skills 8

Mrs. Fichter
Skills 7/8, Reading 7/8

Mrs. Goroski
U.S. History 8 - no homework

Mr. Griffin
English 8  - see Parent Square

Mr. Harris

Mrs. Kirkland
Life Science 7 ~ Instagram username: lvscience7        Flashcard Decks

Mrs. Manfredi
CP Math 2

Mrs. Partida
Compaction, CPM 3, 8th Grade Honors  - see Parent Square, students check Google Classroom

Mr. Pawley
World History 7  - see Parent Square

Mr. Sanders
World History 7, U.S. History 8 ~
Instragram username: lakeviewjhshistory

Mrs. Sanders
CP Math 3 and Algebra ~ Instragram username: LJHSMathSanders

Mr. Smith
CPM 2, Support 7, Support 8

Mrs. Schneider

Mr. Sheahan
English 8, Reading - students see Google Classroom

Mr. Streeper
Foods 8

Ms. Tullis
Art 7, Art 8, Health

Mr. VanAllen
Physical Education 8

Mrs. Vertrees
English 7

Mr. Vidal
Life Science 7, Health/Mecha, Yearbook  - no homework

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