Detention Guidelines

LJHS Detention Information and Guidelines

Detention is at 3:30 p.m. sharp in a designated room. Detention is given at Lakeview for behavioral issues or to students who are habitually unprepared for class. Detentions related to discipline issues are awarded a corresponding demerit. After the accumulation of five (5) demerits in one quarter a student may not participate in school sponsored functions that quarter (see Loss of Privileges section).
1. A detention is given for inappropriate actions. The following are some common reasons for detention: Late to school or class, Electronic devices (cell phone on, iPod, etc), Unprepared for class, Cut Detention, Profanity, Problems with relationships, Defiance of authority, Eating out of designated areas, chewing gum, Disturbed class, P.E. non-dress, Disrespectful/rude behavior, Dress code violation, Progress Report/signature required forms not in

1. Students must bring a signed slip to detention. If the detention slip that was given is lost, a note from a parent/guardian that states the reason detention was given and by whom will suffice.
2. If more than one detention is received on one day, they must be served on consecutive days.
3. Detention is at 3:30 p.m. sharp; anyone arriving late may receive an additional demerit. A parent may walk a student to detention if they are no later than 5 minutes, thus avoiding an additional detention. After 3:35, students will not be allowed into detention. Students are released at 4:15 p.m.
4. Students must bring homework and/or school-related reading materials to detention. Drawing, writing notes or other non-school related activities is not allowed.
5. No excuses for non-attendance or tardiness.
6. Students are not allowed to talk during detention. If there is a question or problem, the student must raise his/her hand. Failure to comply may result in another detention or a loss of activity privileges.
7. All school rules apply in detention.

8. Failure to serve detention:a. 1st offense - student is issued a second detention unless parent contacts school with a valid excuse prior to the start of detention at 3:30 p.m. (the student now needs to serve the next two days in a row for the initial detention).
b. 2nd offense - student may receive one day of on-campus suspension (or off-campus suspension in some situations).
c. 3rd offense - will result in one day of off-campus suspension.
9. Each day of demerit detentions counts as a demerit and affects student participation in school sponsored activities.

Be safe, responsible and respectful! School rules are necessary to provide a safe environment for learning and to protect each student's right to attend school without being threatened, injured or deprived of an education. School rules are to be followed by all students at all times. Detentions, on-campus suspension or off-campus suspensions will be assigned for unacceptable behavior. Demerit detentions will be issued for infractions against the school rules and conduct code.
1. Keep the school neat and clean both indoors and out at all times. Trash goes in the trash cans. Recyclables go in the recycle bins. Loss of snack break privilege may result if trash is not controlled.
2. Walk at all times on campus, except when in assigned areas for physical education or sports.
3. Show courtesy and respect for all students and adults at all times. Do not touch other people or their property. Feet and chair legs on the floor at all times. Be on time and ready to work when the tardy bell rings.
4. Keep restrooms neat and clean. No food or drink in the restrooms for health reasons.
5. Use the bicycle lanes when entering or leaving campus. Walk the bike out to the bicycle lane. Do not ride in the parking lot or on campus other than in designated areas. Bicycle helmets are a state law.
6. Inappropriate bus behavior will result in loss of bus privilege and possible disciplinary action at school.
7. Eating or drinking (other than water) is allowed only during nutrition, lunch and at teacher discretion in a classroom . At lunch all food and drink must be eaten in designated areas, at quad tables or in the cafeteria. Gum, candy and sunflower seeds are not allowed at any time on campus. No one should be on the north "field" side of the building or on the black top with food or drink at any time.
8. During nutrition, no one should be on the blacktop or north side of the buildings.
9. Body contact such as, but not limited to, wrestling, play fighting, shoving, kissing, holding hands or hugging is not allowed on campus at any time. There is a "no tolerance" policy for aggressive body contact. "Pantsing" another student will result in an immediate suspension.
10. Safekeeping of anything brought from home is the student's responsibility. Collectible cards, games or electronic devices should never be brought to school.
11. Any item that distracts from the learning process or is a possible danger, distraction or invasion of the privacy of others may be confiscated and the parent/guardian will have to claim it, except in the case of cameras where film will need to be destroyed prior to the return of the camera. Sharp pointed pairs of scissors, cameras, walkie-talkies, laser pointers, aerosol sprays, Sharpie-type markers, MP3 players, electronic equipment and toys are not allowed on campus at all.
12. No markers or other products whose fumes are labeled toxic or have other warning labeling are allowed on campus. Aerosol containers are not allowed at school.
13. No glass containers for food or drink may be brought on campus.
14. Cell phones must be off before a student enters campus. They may be turned on only after school is dismissed. If the phone is taken away it may be picked up the following day by a parent on record. The second offense will result in suspension and a third offense will result in a suspension plus revocation of cell phone privileges for the remainder of the school year. Text messaging during school hours and picture taking is never allowed. Using a cell phone while in a bathroom or locker room will result in an automatic suspension. Any cell phone that is confiscated will be sent to the office and kept there until a parent/guardian can retrieve it the next day.
15. Bikes and skate boards may not be used while on campus and must be locked up during the school day.
16. No skateboards will be kept in the office.
17. Maintaining or posting material to a Web site or blog that threatens a likelihood of substantial disruption in school, including harming or interfering with the rights of other students to participate fully in school or extracurricular activities, is a violation of the student disciplinary code and subject to appropriate penalties.

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